Feb 2nd, "HT" event @
Westside UU Church
Feb 7th, WSDW Brd Mtg
Feb 16th, Initiative #1329 Information Mtg @
WUU Church
Feb 27th, WSDW Mbrshp
Mtg @ WS Golf Course

Chair: Ann Martin
Vice Chair: Rachel Glass
Secretary: Karen Chilcutt
Treasurer: Susan Arnold
Parliamentarian: Elizabeth Heath


WAMEND Update:

In June 2003
endorsed and is on
Initiative 1239 steering
committee joining in with
others in hopes of overriding
the Citizens United

If you want to help by
collecting signatures to
place this initiative on
the ballot, go to




The mission of the West Seattle Democratic Women is to join all Democrats to discuss, inform, educate, and better understand the political process and to support related civic and education programs in the West Seattle community. We shall work to elect Democrats to local, state and national office through grass roots efforts. We welcome and include all people and their ideas.



Sponsored by WSDW & Hosted by Various Organization throughout the greater West Seattle Area. 
What: "Seattle Against Slavery"

Description: Robert Beiser, Ex. Dir. Seattle Against Slavery will make a presentation about human trafficking in Seattle, including West Seattle. He will provide information and raise awareness about sex and labor trafficking problems in our community. We will learn ways we can support efforts and laws eradicating human trafficking. Helpful materials provided, as well as time for Q & A. Free and open to the public.

Speaker: Robert Beiser

Date: Sunday February 2
Time: 1:00 -- 3:00 p.m.
Location: Fireside Room,
Westside Unitarian Universalist
7141 California Ave. SW

Sponsor: West Seattle Democratic Women

Contact: Theresa McCormick,

Brown Bag Lunch: Feel free to bring your lunch if you wish


What: "WA Move to Amend"

Description: Participants will learn about the efforts and organizations in Washington state and across the nation that are dedicated to amending the U.S. Constitution ending to corporate personhood and overturning Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision (2010), which made corporate personhood legal. Learn how and why Citizens United is undermining our Democracy and how we can support the amendment effort. Included will be materials and time for Q and A.

Presenter: Libby Carr, WA Move to Amend organizer and member, West Seattle Democratic Women

Date: Sunday, February 16
Time: 1:00 -- 3:00 p.m.
Location: Fireside Room, Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation
7141 California Ave. SW
Contact: Theresa McCormick, 206-932-3886

Brown Bag Lunch: Feel free to bring your lunch to enjoy during the program.


                                                     ANN MARTIN

Welcome to spring in the northwest - warm and sunny one day; cold and rainy the next. It's not unlike our political climate - 7 million people signed up with the Obama Affordable Care Act one day; the US Supreme Court overturning aggregate political contributions the next. We can't really do much about our spring weather, but we have the opportunity to do something about our political climate for sure.

In Washington State a coalition of organizations, including the West Seattle Democratic Women, are working to get an initiative to the citizens of Washington on the ballot that would put us on record to claim our democratic heritage. Initiative 1329 would urge Congress to amend the US Constitution to make it clear that corporations are not people, the money isn't speech and that political contributions and expenditures can be regulated.

So act - sign the initiative petitions circulating throughout the state. If you haven't seen one, go to to find out where they are available to sign. Better yet, get petitions and set yourself a goal of 100 or more signatures to help get this initiative on the ballot. No matter what your issue is, if you want to get the ear of your elected officials, amending the constitution is the first step to putting democracy into the hands of the citizens of this country.

Need inspiration - get to a showing of "Inequality for All," Robert Reich's entertaining and hopeful vision for how the middle class can again be part of a healthy and sustainable economy in this country. You may cry a bit; you may laugh a bit. You will be inspired a lot!

And, don't forget to join the West Seattle Democratic Women as we work to make our community a better place - increasing public awareness of human trafficking; educating and activating by providing informative programming; participating in groups that further our values; and supporting human services within our community. And we have some fun along the way.

Join us

Ann Martin, Chair
West Seattle Democratic Women





"Gender Pay Gap in (Washington) State is One of the Worst"
 -- Seattle Post Intellegencer, January 25th
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