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Rachel Glass


My name is Rachel Glass and I currently serve as Chair of the West Seattle Democratic Women.  This is my 11th year with the organization, where I served as Vice Chair for many years before I became Chair.  I am a professional actor (union member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA), director, voice over artist, audio book narrator, coach in public speaking, dialects/dialect reduction coach, performing arts coach, and mentor to children and adults. I am also a lifelong Democrat, community organizer, tireless volunteer, activist, and political enthusiast!  In 2016, I co-founded a community grassroots group in West Seattle called Hate-Free Delridge, which educates the public through workshops, partners with other groups, and informs the public about hate crimes.  HFD offers community events, forums, films, access to Rapid Response Networks, and resources on a variety of issues related to refugees, immigration, communities of color, Islamophobia, and fighting hate!

My role in WSDW involves creating the agenda for, scheduling and coordinating the monthly General Membership Meetings, and planning each month's program content.  I run the WSDW General Meetings as well as the monthly Executive Board Meetings, for which I also create the agendas, scheduling and necessary coordinating.  I attend many of the community events that WSDW sponsors and partners with, as well as being a WSDW ambassador at community events like town hall gatherings, rallies, street fairs, fundraisers, and celebrations!  On behalf of WSDW, I have initiated and created working partnerships and coalitions with dozens of community groups, organizations, and elected officials throughout the 34th Legislative District, city of Seattle, King County, and even in other parts of Washington State.  I promote all of our events and other information of interest to our ever-growing membership, supporters, friends, other organizations and neighbors in our community.  

I work every day to get more young people (teens and millenials) involved in the Democratic Party by bringing them into the process, because I firmly believe that when we embrace those young people with the energy, passion and vision of the next generation, we ensure that we will perpetuate the best aspects of this generation! I want to educate and inspire more people to get involved in their communities and take active roles in our democracy by voting, understanding the democratic process and collectively holding our elected officials who serve us accountable!  Politics is not a spectator sport!  When we all get involved and get active, we can make meaningful progress! These are the ideas that motivate me every day and shape how I approach my priorities in leading the West Seattle Democratic Women.

I Am Dedicated to Promoting:

Social, Racial, and Economic Justice,

Medicare for All

Protection of Our Environment

Getting Big Money Out of Government/Overturning Citizens United

Women’s Rights,

Affordable Housing, 

A Living Wage,

Free Public College Tuition,

Ending Foreign Wars of Intervention,

Transparency and Democracy in the Democratic Party

Higher Voter Turnout and Greater Participation in Our Democracy