Elizabeth Heath


Politically active since college in the late 1950's. Cut my political teeth in Chicago fighting the "Daley Machine," racism, and the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Began living full-time in Seattle in 1981. Had many careers, the last being a Licensed Mental Health Counselor; I retired in 2016.  
-My current role in WSDW:  As parliamentarian, I try to ensure that our board and general meetings adhere to Roberts Rules of Order and check to see that our activities conform to our by-laws.  I also assist in preparing agendas for meetings and bring desserts to general meetings.  I serve as chair of the Outreach Committee which organizes WSDW participation at street fairs in West Seattle.  I chaired a committee from 2014-2015 on Human Trafficking, the goal of which was to raise awareness of the issue in West Seattle.
-How I would further the WSDW mission/What I hope to accomplish:  I would like to see the organization grow in membership and attract younger women, as well.  We have a unique role of presenting high-quality, in-depth programs on issues of concern and I think we should continue to emphasize that role.  Once we understand the issues better, I'd encourage us to discuss if we want to take a stand and, if so, to communicate that stand effectively to our elected officials.  Whenever possible, I'd like to see our membership support the election of progressive candidates throughout the state.  Continuing to create an organization whose members care about and respect each other and enjoy each other's company will be the foundation of our success.  Let's have fun as we make a difference in our world!