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Ideas on How You Can Become an Effective Activist Right Now (Compiled February 2017)

1. Write a letter to your elected officials. Tell them what you want to do/or not. Letter writing counts.

For example: we can support Senator Elizabeth Warren's request for auditing President Trump's finances for conflicts of interest.

     To make this request: Email two administrators in the Government Accountability Office:

      Katherine Siggerud ( and Timothy Minnelli ( 

      Subject line: Audit for President Trump's financial concerns

      Dear Ms. Siggerud and Mr. Minnelli,

      I'm writing in support of Senator Elizabeth Warren's interest in an audit of President Trump's finances, to prohibit 

      conflicts of interest that would prevent him from carrying out the responsibilities of the office without corrupt influence.

      Sincerely (your name) (Note:  Check to see if these folks are still working in those positions)

2.  Call your U.S. Senators--phone calls have immediate and personal effect through your live voice, when you tell them what you want them to fight for or against.  The main Senate Switchboard number is (202) 224-3121; they will connect you to whichever Senator you request, and it takes about 1.5 minutes to complete a call.


3.  Join and volunteer your time and skills for an activist, social, or political group such as the West Seattle Democratic Women; 34th Legislative District Democrats; Planned Parenthood; ACLU;

West Seattle Neighbors for Peace and Social Justice,, Sightline, local progressive churches, synagogues, mosques.

4.  Become a member of a national group that is working to implement progressive change for all Americans, such as Social Security Works; Move to Amend or WAmend (in WA State); Sierra Club

5.  Support a community group with BOTH time and money, such as local religious/spiritual groups, food for kids programs, White Center

     Food Bank, West Seattle Food Bank, Mary's Place, West Seattle Help Line, League of Women Voters, Northwest Progressive Institute, etc.


6.  Spread the word about our activities at the West Seattle Democratic Women-- as well as activist opportunities you know about-- to your friends, to non-political groups

     such as book clubs and hobby groups.

7.  Attend and contribute to the Meaningful Movies which take place monthly in West Seattle and consist of thoughtful, informative, inspiring, and eye-opening films in a    relaxed setting with your neighbors. Admission is free, but donations are appreciated to help defray costs.


8.  Work to implement Medicare For All:  write to AARP at AARP. org/nocuts and tell them to pressure Congress to not only maintain but 

     strengthen Medicare. Add supporting and strengthening Social Security and Medicaid to your letters to Congress.


9.  Support our elected officials who are taking courageous stands: i.e. write or email Mayor Durkan or Congresswoman Jayapal and tell them that you support

     their stand to maintain Seattle as a sanctuary city.


10. Support the FREEDOM OF THE PRESS!  Subscribe to authentic news sources: Newspapers, such  as The Seattle Times,

    The NY Times, The Washington Post; Journals, such as The Nation Magazine, Mother Jones, Atlantic; Public radio/TV, such as

     KUOW, KNKX, KBCS; KCTS-9, KBTC-12.  Reliable news sources that can be accessed online such as Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! or Free Speech TV or

     Talk Media News.  Ask your friends to read/listen to AND financially support these news sources.

    This action keeps investigative journalists employed and maintains the integrity of The Press, and helps undermine "fake news" and "alternative facts"!!


11.  When/if Muslims are required to sign a registry, add your name too; no matter what your religion is.


12.  Work to get more liberal, progressive leaders in the National Democratic party and in our local Democratic Party.


13.  Support local programs that advocate for Muslims and people of color, such as Admiral UCC; Hate-Free Delridge;  Delridge Neighborhood Development Association; MAPS-AMEN


14.  Make efforts to reach out to, involve, and inspire young people to become activists for social justice and progressive values.


15.  Advocate for our democratic values, tell people where you stand, and invite conversations about keeping democracy alive and vital.