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Individuals who want to join WSDW are encouraged to first attend a meeting.  It will give the individual not only a clearer idea of what WSDW is all about but also an opportunity to meet the others in the organization.  There is no waiting period and everyone interested is welcomed. 


Joining is typically done at the registration table prior to a meeting by simply paying the annual dues and filling out the Member Information Form and signing the Photo Waiver allowing WSDW to include you in meeting images that may be put on our website, Facebook, etc.  (Signing the Photo Waiver is not a requirement for membership.)   



The dues levels are as follows.  If you are able, we encourage joining at one of the higher levels which enables us to do more with our budget.

     “Yes We Can” level - $15

     “Nevertheless She Persisted” level - $50

     “When They Go Low, We Go High” level - $100

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