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WSDW enjoys a special "Members Organization" status with  the West Seattle Timebank.  This means that as a member of both organizations a WSDW member can earn "time" not only for making offers and requests through the Timebank but also can earn WS Timebank "time" for doing WSDW tasks.


Why did WSDW become a Members Organization?  It's really quite simple as not only are the West Seattle Democratic Women interested in Democratic politics but we're also very interested in our community, its success and its needs.


The relationship between WS Timebank and it's members can best be described as similar to an exchange between neighbors.  For example, someone has just completed mowing their lawn and happens to notice that the elderly neighbor's lawn hasn't been mowed in quite a while.  He then as a courtesy mows her lawns as well.  The neighbor later bakes him a pie in return.  "Neighbor helping Neighbor!"  


What's unique is that the West Seattle Timebank members may not live on the same block but the effect is the same.  It's members go to the Timebank's website  and reflect either a need (a request) such as someone to paint their fence or an ability and willingness to share (an offer) such as repairing a bike.  These requests and offers are then send out to ALL members to see if they are interested in making an exchange.  What's unique to the Timebank is that an exchange does have to be between the one making a request and the one making the offer.  An exchange can be made with any member of the Timebank.

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